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Women Who Changed History

Our team designs supplementary digital learning materials (digital games, lesson plans, and activities) for 3rd-5th graders that engage them in new narratives of U.S. history — ones that are inspired by women.

At Leesta our approach to teaching is unique because we provide children with the power to learn at their own pace, and gain the agency to form new perspectives. We are creating modules for different women who changed history (e.g. Bessie Coleman, Grace Lee Boggs, Dolores Huerta, Temple Grandin). Each module will focus on the life of one woman but will tell a larger narrative of U.S. history along the way. For example, the Grace Lee Boggs module we are currently developing, children will not only learn about Grace’s life story but will learn about philosophy, The Chinese Exclusion Act, and Civil Rights activism in 1960s Detroit.

In 2015 Leesta was the winner of the optiMize social impact challenge.


  • optiMize
  • United Way of Washtenaw County
  • Awsome Foundation
  • TechArb
  • University of Michigan Library

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