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INCITE! is a national, activist organization of radical feminists of color. We mobilize to end all forms of violence against women, gender non-conforming, and trans people of color and our communities. By supporting grassroots organizing, we nurture the health and well-being of communities of color. Through our efforts, we move closer to global justice, liberation, and peace.

INCITE! works with groups of women, gender non-conforming and trans people of color and our communities to develop political projects that address the multiple forms of violence we experience in our lives, on our bodies, and in our communities.

We identify "violence against women, gender non-conforming and trans people of color" as a combination of "violence directed at communities," such as police violence, war, and colonialism, and "violence within communities," such as sexual and domestic violence.

Chapters and affiliates engage in strategies and projects that address both personal and state violence, acknowledging the ways that oppressions intersect in our lives. Some of those projects include producing a women of color radio show, challenging the non-profitization of anti-violence and other social justice movements, organizing rallies on street harassment, training women of color on self-defense, organizing mothers on welfare, building and running a grassroots clinic, supporting communities to engage in community accountability strategies, and much more.

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