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House of Pentacles

Welcome to the HOP Collective!

The HOP Collective is a global invitation based network of Black Trans creatives! Collective members are invited based on their demonstrated excellence in their art form.

As a member of the HOP Collective, you get access to this global network of Black Trans creatives and an invitation to Collective C.A.M.P (a 5-8 day long collaborative production space where HOP Collective members gather in person to create, produce, and publish their art). In addition to Collective C.A.M.P, members get invited to location based creative spaces to collaborate and produce their art throughout the year.

If you received an invitation to the HOP Collective and would like to confirm your membership, please complete the form below. If you’ve received an invitation but would like to elegantly decline membership at this time, let us know in the form below as well.

If you have not received an invitation but would love to be considered for membership based on your artistic excellence, you can nominate yourself or another Black Trans creative that exudes this excellence by submitting this HOP Collective Nomination Form. Don’t be afraid to shoot your shot fam!