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Mama, Can We Talk?

Mama, Can We Talk? is a 2018 documentary project executive produced by House of Pentacles. We partner with a different grassroots organization to launch a media based project annually. This year we partnered with Southerners On New Ground (SONG) to create a film that serves as a culturally sensitive tool for talking about gender within Black families. Mama, Can We Talk? will debut its first full length screening at SONG’s annual regional convening on June 30, 2018. Stay tuned to find out how you can access this community resource after its debut! Access the Mama, Can We Talk?

Conversation Tool here
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NC Statewide Black Trans Summit

Group photo of black trans summit participants

At the NC Statewide Black Trans Summit, HOP engaged Black Trans folks across the state in a day of Black Trans joy, love, and creativity! We convened 32 Black Trans people repping 9 cities across NC for a day that tasted like honey. We witnessed Black Trans healing through reiki, tarot, and oracular technology. We witnessed principled struggle conversations restore relationships that were broken under the pressures of rapid response organizing in this state. We witnessed the creation of a Tranifesta and the collective mapping of our history as Black Trans folks in NC. We witnessed a reunion of folks who hadn’t been in the same room since anti-HB2 organizing in 2016. We witnessed a joy so strong that even the toughest among us had a hard time mean mugging for the pics. We witnessed a hunger for more resources to be invested in Black Trans autonomous spaces. We witnessed creativity and collaboration across arts and healing modalities. We witnessed the start of something, organized Black Trans Power in NC. Ya’ll better get readyyyyyy cuz we comin’! Huge THANK YOU to all the participants and folks who helped hold this space! THANK YOU to the community folks & orgs who helped make this possible! From donating yoga mats, to offering space, to helping us set up, and donating funds! We see you. We love you.