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About Hooligan Magazine

Over five years ago, Morgan Martinez felt rejected by larger publications and disagreed with the disingenuous approach to choosing who and what they showcased. She and Rivka Yeker decided to join forces and create Hooligan Magazine.

Both artists themselves, they set out to celebrate the people that directly inspired them: the folks who made up their communities. With Morgan’s self-taught design and photo practice and Rivka’s background in writing and curating, Hooligan functions as a deeply personal process that stems from a passion for creating, storytelling and critical thought -- and being a platform for artists who continue to shift the paradigms and structures in which we live under.


Hooligan Mag began as a project to celebrate community, and we have grown into a collective of artists and thinkers who believe in reinventing the norm by normalizing the alternative. Through digital and IRL efforts, we continue to prioritize highlighting voices typically silenced or misrepresented by mainstream media.