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The Helping Hands Campaign

We are thrilled to announce our newest endeavor. TAKE ME HOME is a documentary short that follows one family through the difficulties of housing insecurity as they battle against an unprecedented foreclosure epidemic. As the epicenter of this wave, Detroiters have fallen to this illegal and unconstitutional crisis, and our crew has worked for over a year to bring you their story.

Thank you for your interest in supporting The Helping Hands Campaign. All donations to The Helping Hands Campaign are processed through Allied Media Projects, a 501c3 tax deductible organization. Your assistance will help The Helping Hands Campaign provide support and access to underserved and underprivileged communities. You can support programs like:

  • TAKE ME HOME -- a documentary film that follows one woman as she fights to save her home amidst the tax foreclosure crisis. Each screening will be accompanied by an open forum community conversation.
  • The Young Artists Workshop -- an educational opportunity granting Detroit High School students the opportunity to train with professional artists from television and theatre.
  • The Youth Arts Fellowship -- an extension of the workshop, students are gifted the opportunity to shadow professional artists and technicians, gaining unique and valuable experience.
  • Legends & Wonders-- an amazing evening of music celebrating four local legends. Eric “Rainman” Gaston, a professor of music at DIME; Andre Johnson, President/CEO of Detroit Recovery Project, Anthony Smith of Detroit Public Schools, and Lee Thomas, author and Emmy winning journalist. The evening will showcase solo and group vocal performances while bringing a spotlight to honorees in our community who are positively contributing to society and who would otherwise be overlooked and unsung. Proceeds will go to The Helping Hands Campaign for the Arts Youth Arts Fellowship Program.

You can also contribute by sending a check made out to Allied Media Projects and mail it to the following address:

Allied Media Projects
4126 Third St.
Detroit, MI 48201

Please write "The Healing Hands Campaign" in the memo line.