The Helping Hands Campaign

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The Helping Hands Campaign

The Helping Hands Campaign

Hands-on Community Outreach

The Helping Hands Campaign works to unite artists with the community through acts of service, fundraising, and volunteerism. Through our connections with nationally renowned artists and artistic companies, we utilize a variety of media and artistic expressions to provide support and access to underrepresented communities across the country. Each effort is motivated by one central idea: the power of art can change lives. We endeavor to use our platform as artists to create and sustain a movement that centers artistic and media expression as a conduit for knowledge and social change.

Helping Hands holds firm to the belief that artistic expression has a tangible effect on our culture. To that end, we focus our efforts in two areas of focus: Arts as Education, and Arts as Activism.

Some of our programs include The Young Artists Workshop; Fostering Theatre; Our Stories, Our Stage; and Together We Can, a national artists week of service. Each year, we will chronicle our efforts through the development of a documentary film/concert series: City of Hope.

This month, Helping Hands unites with artists from Disney’s The Lion King national tour, organizing a series of outreach events across Metro-Detroit in honor of Black History Month. With educational workshops offering instruction in music, theatre, dance, voice, and engineering to Detroit high school students, and programs like “Fostering Theatre” aimed at providing memorable theatrical experience to foster children, we are dedicated to using art as a catalyst for social change.

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