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  • Organized 3 national gatherings for people working at the intersection of oral history and social justice, with nearly 100 attendees at 2015 gathering
  • Debut of online “Oral History for Social Change” class in Spring 2016
  • Soft-launch in 2016 of Centering, a resource guide on incorporating anti-oppression principles in social justice-oral history projects
  • Organized dozens of Practitioner Support Network Chats, including ten in 2016
  • Organized regular local gatherings across the country - over a dozen in 2015 alone. Oregon's group collaborated with Portland Immigrant Rights Coalition (PIRC) in 2015 and Community Alliance of Tenants (CAT) in 2016 to record interviews with families impacted by police-ICE collaboration and no-cause evictions & produced audio slideshows for use in PIRC and CAT's ongoing campaigns
  • Received funding for Police Brutality Cohort projects which contributed to organizing in New York, North Carolina, and to an upcoming film on Black Lives Matter