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Garage Cultural

Garage Cultural

A self-sustaining community hub in Southwest Detroit

Garage Cultural is a community arts education collective. Its mission is to create and operate a self-sustaining community hub that will fulfill its vision of providing a variety of arts/entertainment events and educational programs to the residents of its communities. Garage Cultural will serve as an incubator for local arts educators, organizers, entrepreneurs and youth in the community to assist them in pursuing their personal and collective goals as they work, produce, exhibit, and sell their art in our various workshop spaces, multipurpose areas, exhibit galleries, Mercaditos, and the “Café de las Artes, Frida Kahlo."

Southwest Detroit is a diverse community; Garage Cultural seeks to ensure its continued diversity by highlighting the existing culture and encouraging collaborations with new populations in a mutually beneficial manner through its programs and events.


  • Hacienda Mexican Foods, LLC

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