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Fringe Society

Fringe Society Story

The Fringe Society began as a monthly workshop to offer accessible education to aspiring new weavers. Over a number of years collecting weaving equipment from generous donors and online forums, a weaving studio was slowly built. To fund the studio’s development, founder Levon Kafafian began designing a production line of handwoven scarves. Friends and former students were brought onto the team to help produce scarves while continuing their weaving education. What developed from the initial workshops was a network in the truest sense. A robust group of people from diverse backgrounds with a shared interest in textile craft.

Our work is focused on creating community around the craft of weaving. We believe that since fine craft and fellowship are deeply entwined, classes are held in an informal setting where stories, ideas and food are shared. Students and craftsmen of all levels share the studio and develop relationships while furthering their knowledge of the craft. A regular flow of visitors which includes former students, former production weavers, textile artists and folk from the neighborhood adds another layer of complexity to the connections that develop in the studio. The Fringe Society exists to provide a hub for textile community as well as an access point for newcomers.