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Fringe Society

Levon Fringe Society

Levon Kafafian

Founder and Instructor
Levon Kafafian is a New York born, Armenian-American artist based in Detroit. He has been a weaver for 6 years, the result of a chance hire at Hagopian World of Rugs. He holds a BFA in Fibers from the College for Creative Studies and a BA in Anthropology from Wayne State University. He founded Fringe Society in 2013 and is the lead designer and instructor there. He also teaches at the Birmingham-Bloomfield Arts Center. He examines and explores liminality in gender, identity, fiber process and natural cycles in his work. His current work is in installation, ritual object and performance that re-envision pre-Christian Armenian calendrical traditions.


Andrew Carter

Programming Assistant and Production Weaver
Andrew Carter is a Fringe Society student turned collaborator. His sociability and proclivity for systems design have brought him aboard as an assistant for program development and implementation. After receiving a bachelor of Philosophy from Wayne State University in Detroit, MI, and post-graduate researcher at the Center for Subjectivity Research at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, Andrew now works in education and community organizing. His most current project is Spot People, a business-community linkage system that offers boutique-quality refreshments in scrubby public spaces for one dollar or less per serving. Spot People is one part small business advertisement, one part commercial waste resistance, and generally intended to reduce socio-economic separatism.

ash arder

Ash Arder

Development Assistant and Co-Director of Fiber & Dye Garden
Ash Arder is a Detroit-based, interdisciplinary artist and designer who creates objects and experiences that investigate and re-imagine the relationship between people and natural environments. This work relies on the cultivation and research of live plants throughout each stage of their lifecycle, including the process and potential of plants to create fiber and other industrial materials. Ash combines personal memories with fictional narratives to create future worlds and scenarios that challenge the way objects are consumed and used.


Andie Mellon

In-House Woodworker and Production Weaver
Andie Mellon received her B.F.A from the College for Creative Studies majoring in Craft with a concentration in Art Furniture. She currently works as a form builder at Line Studio Detroit, a company that designs and fabricates custom concrete objects. Her current personal investigations are focused on functional sculpture using mixed materials such as wood, metal, fibers, and concrete. Andie is the mother to the most handsome 2 year old in Detroit, and spends a lot of time playing with dinosaurs and building blanket forts.