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Fringe Society

Fringe Society Accomplishments
  • In 2015 Fringe Society sold 95% of the 58 scarves woven in the studio: we have doubled our production and sales from the previous year and have increased the number of production weavers from 3 to 6 in 2016.
  • In the 3 years since 2013 the studio has been built up to accommodate up to 16 weavers at a time. 5 looms are reserved for beginners/students, 7 looms are reserved for commercial/artistic production, and the remaining 4 are flexible between the two.
  • 50 individual students have been taught to weave as of August 2016. 4 students have gone on to earn supplemental income through the skills they learned in the studio.
  • Fringe Society hosts two resident studio artists who work in textiles and related craft disciplines. Our current residents include internationally recognized artist Matty Lambert who works in leather, fiber and metal as well as veteran seamstress and dressmaker Bonnie Pearce.