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Emergent Strategy Ideation Institute

"This book is fucking gorgeous. And brilliant. It reminds me of Gloria Anzaldúa's Borderlands." - Morgan Mo Willis

"All my friends are reading Adrienne Maree Brown’s new book Emergent Strategy, and we talk over and over again about how we can’t know what a new world will look like, how we are crafting it on the run." - Leora Fridman, Entropy

"If you haven’t read it yet, get it. Immediately. Emergent Strategy is an examination of where our movements have been and an offering of a framework for resistance that is rooted in the miracles of nature, decentralized, collective leadership, and personal, relational, organizational, and movement-wide transformation. Brown not only inspires me to resist, but to do in the most beautiful, joyful, creative, sustainable, collective and effective ways." - Andrea J. Ritchie, Bustle

"Emergent Strategy is so amazingly awesome. I have admired your work for a long time and so was so excited when I saw this book. I am encouraging my Women's Studies students to read it. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. Be well." - Beth Berila

"The text has had a tremendous impact on my organizational facilitation lens." - Michael Tekhen Strode

"adrienne maree brown is transforming me page by page. I'm deeply grateful to adrienne maree brown and excited to gift my copy to a younger person (as recommended by the brilliant author)." - Matsuda Riku


"This book is giving me hope. Bringing me back to life. It is a beautiful, reverent, and openhearted synthesis of wisdom drawn from nature, human experience and practice, and the most revolutionary thought leaders of current and ancient times (including adrienne maree brown herself). I can't wait to share in this work with my local movement family at ERACCE. So grateful. THANK YOU adrienne maree brown." - Lillie Wolff

"adrienne maree brown gave us life with her discourse on change and healing within our activist communities, on how to apply what we imagine the change we see in sci-fi to our daily life, on thinking of the macroscopic reflecting the microscopic - our fractal existences. And I fed a bunch of people with vegan Haitian food and my mango-chillies rum in my living room. I feel connected, i feel proud to be part of a lovely community but most of all incredibly grateful the privileged moment we got to spend with our brilliant guest and her amazingly supportive mom. Go get Emergent Strategy now and see you next time at my next salon or private reading."- Mélissa Laveaux

"My transition is really transforming me. It's deeper than presentation or gender. For example, I woke up congested and with a scratchy throat. So I made me a cup of 'asthma tea blend' I got from a health food co-op in east Atlanta months ago. Added some lemon and garlic. Now my throat feels better and I'm not as congested. Reading adrienne's book Emergent Strategy is making me think about what I already know about how things work. About how small ecosystems influence the larger ones. She suggests that healing is really turning your attention to what is experiencing trauma. That we can heal ourselves. I think I just did that on a small scale. What if that means I can heal larger areas of trauma in my body? It's fun to think about tho right?" - Cazembe

"Just got my copy of Emergent Strategy today, and after reading the introduction, I feel like this has come to me at precisely the right moment.... when so much of my thinking, dreaming, drawing, musing, crying, traveling, lying awake, loving, missing, craving, sitting, and breathing is about what's in this book. Thank you adrienne maree brown for being the gatherer and conjurer, but also to all of you who contributed/supported in some way, Terry Marshall, Aisha Shillingford, Taj James, Anasa Troutman, Gibran X. Rivera, Jodie Tonita, Jidan Koon, and so many others whom I don't know as well ... I'm soooo excited to dive in." - Ariel Jacobson

"ATTN: Educators. Artists. Activators. Organizers. Partners. Parents. Hopeful. Hurting. Wandering. Wondering. Questioning. Questing. Dreamer. Realists. You... BUY THIS BOOK. adrienne maree brown has created/curated a resource that is absolutely essential to our time, and what lies ahead. This is pretty much the intersectional approach to love-living and paradigm shifting that rhymes with my art, teaching, learning, world-view and future-visioning, with steps towards action now. If you've caught me on the train with this book, you've either seen my mouth agape in amazement or tears welling in my eyes robust with profundity. ‘Shaping change, changing worlds.’ Say Word. Don't sleep. It's on it's third pressing in barely a month of existing in print." - Sam Sellers

"It starts with a whisper. One whose content does not in fact go in through one ear and out the other. This whisper travels through undiscovered channels in our mind. From one beginning to an unending part of ourselves, a part that exists and transmits through us all. Like the unseen scent that an ant emits to tell all of the others that there is food from which to feed and think. This morsel of a book that you have written is exactly like that!" - @mental_blocks (on Instagram)