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Emergent Strategy Ideation Institute

ESII Story

A Hub for Emergent Strategy

The Emergent Strategy Ideation Institute (ESII) is a hub to experiment, think, facilitate, learn and share emergent strategy.

ESII was founded by adrienne maree brown and inspired by Octavia Butler, the late black science fiction writer. brown founded the institute after observing an increased interest in Detroit around emergence and complex sciences.

The principles of emergent strategy include adaptation, interdependence, creating more possibilities, collaborative ideation, fractal thinking, transformative justice and resilience through decentralization.

The work of the ESII is to help groups, organizations and movements bring these principles into their work through facilitation and training. We also aim to gather more facilitators and trainers interested in this approach.

Check out these examples of emergence in the natural world:

Happy One Year, Emergent Strategy!

Here's a little snapshot of our impact so far!