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Emergent Strategy Ideation Institute

Emergent Strategy Ideation Institute (ESII) offers facilitation, mediation, coaching and trainings to help groups, organizations and movements bring emergent strategy principles into their work. Folks from the Emergent Strategy Facilitation Cohort are available for events including emergent strategy facilitation trainings, movement mediation, leadership coaching, immersions, presentations and readings.

We prioritize those in Black liberation movement spaces, majority people of color groups, and groups explicitly working to do work to advance anti-capitalist, environmental justice, abolitionist and transformative justice, reproductive rights and radical education frameworks and practices. The team at ESII is especially excited to build with local community groups that may not be affiliated with colleges and institutions, national networks and alliances. To book us for speaking engagements, facilitations, mediation, coaching, trainings, etc., please fill out the form below: