Emergent Strategy Programs

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Emergent Strategy Ideation Institute



Emergent Strategy Orientations exist as an extension of the Emergent Strategy book to further engage in text’s core principles. These are one day engagements facilitated by the members of the Emergent Strategy Facilitation Cohort.


Immersions are loosely structured convenings for people who are already in deep engagement with the work of emergent strategy (ES) and would like to share and create new strategies together to apply ES to real life content. Led by members of the Emergent Strategy Facilitation Cohort, participants cover core aspects of emergent strategy and co-create most aspects of the time together; that co-creation and participation is where the learning will happen. Immersions occur over the course of four full days.

Immersions provide participants with the opportunity to:

  • Develop a way of sharing emergent strategy with others that is easy to access and iterate;
  • Increase/experience the skill set and capacity of the people in the room to use emergent strategy in their own work, and to teach and share emergent strategy with others.
  • Experience deepening of relationship across movements of people who are interested in doing things in a different way.
  • Hold brave space to practice generative conflict.

Dates for 2020 Immersions have yet to be finalized. Further information (e.g., application) about these immersions will be emailed and shared on social media as they become available. Sign up for our email newsletter to stay updated!

Facilitation Trainings

Facilitation trainings provide participants with the opportunity to:
  • assess their facilitation skills;
  • learn elements, principles, and tools for emergent strategy; and
  • further develop their facilitation skills in small and large group settings.
  • This is a 4 day training capped at 40 participants and are geared toward people who have had at least a few years of facilitation experience.

    Kitchen Table: A Movement Mediation Method

    These sessions invite people who are in conflict in movement to come and sit together in a space where attention is paid to create the conditions of the kitchen table: directness, intimacy, privacy, ease, tea, and space to be honest with each other.

    Some key elements:

    • The session only includes those who are directly involved in the conflict. This method is interested in how we stop the harm that's happening, and how we retain as many people as possible in movement.
    • Participants’ primary commitment in the mediation is to a larger movement and purpose than themselves. This doesn't mean they get disappeared in the process, but it does mean paying attention to how each agreement will impact the strength of the movement that they share parts in.
    • This program holds emphasis on conflicts that are happening in black liberation movement spaces.


      ESII offers coaching sessions for movement leaders who are looking to enhance emergent strategy in their daily leadership practices.


      ESII accepts in person and virtual speaking engagements for folks and/or organizations that want to be in conversation about visionary fiction, emergent strategy, and/or pleasure activism.

      Presentation and Reading

      adrienne maree brown reads excerpts from Emergent Strategy and/or Pleasure Activism and engages in a community conversation around best practices.