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Dream Cafe

dream cafe logo, next to a red background with text "June 14 - 17"

New this year, the Allied Media Conference is presenting the Dream Cafe & Community Food Hub — an epic exploration of food and community — at Cass Cafe and beyond!

Our Dream Cafe is much more than a restaurant. It also serves as an experiment in running a restaurant based on the principles of our movements: cooperation, sustainability, network building, creativity, autonomy, and interdependence.

The Dream Cafe is designed according to the Allied Media Projects Network Principles. Through partnerships between urban farmers, local ally food businesses, food sovereignty organizers and chefs within the Detroit area — centering people of color — it contributes to capacity building and a vibrant living local food economy. It also offers space to exchange knowledge and strategies with creative culinary workers from around the world using food to heal, empower, and transform their communities.

In collaboration, the local and national partners of the Dream Cafe are able to produce on a more ambitious scale than they could individually. By pooling resources, interests and ideas, we create bigger, better and bolder food and collective action! At the same time, we nurture a supportive network of skill sharing that feeds the community creatively and literally.