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Detroit Digital Justice Coalition

Developed Digital Justice Principles

In 2009, the Detroit Digital Justice Coalition (DDJC) developed digital justice principles of access, participation, common ownership, and healthy communities. The principles have inspired civic tech and community technology activists in Detroit and globally.

Secured BTOP Funding for Detroit

In 2009 the DDJC secured a $1.8 million federal grant to launch Detroit Future, a multi-program initiative to expand the use of creative digital media in Detroit’s small business economy, in schools, and in community organizing. View our community report-back on the use of these funds.

Hosted 13 DiscoTechs in Detroit, many more around the globe

The DDJC developed the model of the DiscoTech – "Discovering Technology" fairs where community members explore technology through hands-on stations, learn about how the Internet and computers work, and learn about policies that are shaping our communications system. The DDJC has hosted or supported 13 DiscoTech events in Detroit since 2009, reaching on average 75 people at each event. The DiscoTech model has spread beyond Detroit, through sessions at the AMC and through the publication of the How To DiscoTech zine. In 2014, the Codesign Studio of the MIT Center for Civic Media coordinated "Counter-surveillance DiscoTechs" in San Francisco; Karachi, Pakistan; Bangalore, India; Ramallah, Palestine; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Mexico City; Boston, and New York City. That same year, the Bento Miso Collaborative Workshop hosted a DiscoTech in Toronto, and there was a DiscoTech at the Internet Governance Forum in Istanbul.

Learn more about DiscoTechs.

Published 4 Digital Justice zines

Produced the Detroit Digital Justice Coalition zines #1 - 4. The zines may be downloaded here and print editions are available in the AMP Store.