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Detroit Community Technology Project

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Diana Nucera

Diana is the director of the Detroit Community Technology Project. Her work focuses on developing popular education materials that empower communities to use media and technology to investigate, illuminate, and develop visionary solutions to challenges.

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Anderson Walworth

IT Manager
Anderson facilitates community technology training through the Digital Stewards program. As part of this role, he maintains the mesh network and runs monthly digital stewards meetings.

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Kristyn Sonnenberg

Web Design and Development
Kristyn Sonnenberg is a user experience (UX) researcher and designer and a master’s student at the University of Michigan School of Information. As UX and Technology intern with DCTP, she is designing and building a website to help feature the great DCTP projects, creating an informational zine, and outlining and teaching three data-related workshops.

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Tawana Petty

Data Justice Community Researcher
Tawana Petty has a diverse background of community organizing experience in Detroit, particularly around issues such as water rights, digital justice, and youth advocacy. In her role as Data Justice Community Researcher with DCTP, Tawana will lead a participatory research process exploring issues of data rights, digital privacy and racial and economic inequality in the U.S.

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Janice Gates

EII Program Coordinator
Janice has a background in program management, marketing and public relations, and communications. In her role as the Program Coordinator for the Equitable Internet Initiative, she will be working with anchor organizations in three neighborhoods of Detroit seeding community technology programing, including DCTP’s Digital Stewards training program.