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Detroit Community Technology Project

CassCo Wifi

Together we can decide what we need

A community wireless network is a network that can both distribute internet connections as well as act as a local network or "Intranet". On the Intranet, neighbors can communicate and share information without the internet, using the mesh network to house community radio apps, an offline searchable version of wikipedia, store music and movies for people to share, have a local chat and phone service. Together we can decide what we need!

DCTP has been training community technologists to build and maintain the CassCo community wireless network, as well as imagine ways in which this network can be used to connect people with each other.

See a map of access points for the CassCo wifi network here.

How you can get involved:

  • House a router on your roof or in your window to help expand the network
  • Share some of your internet bandwidth and become a digital philanthropist in your community.
  • Help get people on the network by hosting a community meeting or helping promote the network

From more information or questions please feel free to contact us at or 313.334.4844

Detroit Music Box

To tell the story of Detroit’s neighborhoods through sound, DCTP is creating a suite of digital radio shows produced by the people who live there. The shows will combine music from the neighborhood, audio from the streets and interviews with neighbors to make a feature track that asserts an identity and vision for Detroit. Residents and digital stewards or community technologists trained in radio production and community organizing facilitate each broadcast on community wireless networks.

You can access the Detroit Music Box app on the CassCo wifi network. See the access locations here.

Submit a Story

Do you live in the Cass Corridor? Do you have stories about about the people, places, movements and changes in the Corridor? We want to hear them! Submit an audio piece such as poetry, music, storytelling or anything other forms of audio media. It’s easy and you can do it on your phone!

Here’s how:

  • Send a SMS or MMS (picture message) from your phone to
  • Or call +1 (313) 451-7359 to record your audio story
  • Email - If you have longer audio pieces that you would like to submit, send the files to

Explore the feed of stories from Detroit Music Box below! Or visit our Vojo site here.