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Detroit Community Technology Project

Detroit Community Technology Project Mesh Network

Technology Rooted in Community Needs

DCTP’s mission is to use and develop technology rooted in community needs that strengthens human connections to each other and the planet. DCTP formed out of the Digital Stewards Program launched in 2014 and networks cultivated at the Allied Media Conference. DCTP offers technical support to various grassroots networks including the Detroit Digital Justice Coalition, the Allied Media Conference, New America Foundation, and transnational groups interested in fostering community technology.

Current Work

DCTP has facilitated 19 local and international community wireless mesh networks through its partnership with the Open Technology Institute. We coordinate the Digital Stewards Training Program, which trains community members to build and maintain their own wireless communications infrastructure, and the Detroit Digital Stewards Network. DCTP is also consulting in the implementation of Digital Stewards in New America Foundation's RISE NYC project.

In 2015 DCTP launched the Data Justice Campaign to engage in a participatory research process exploring issues of data rights, digital privacy and racial and economic inequality in the U.S. DCTP is also leading a campaign to develop community-generated data justice provisions for integration into the City of Detroit’s Open Data Executive Order.


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