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Detroit Area Youth Uniting Michigan



Brooke Solomon

Brooke Solomon, board chair, is an 11th grader at Cass Technical High School who was a main organizer and speaker at the March for Our Lives Detroit. Brooke has also spoken at the Detroit Women’s March, Michigan Democratic Convention, and Statewide Youth Summit on Guns and Violence. She was a key organizer of the Cass Tech student walkout which engaged hundreds of students and a coordinator of the Detroit Public Schools count day strike, a direct action that lead to threats of detention and expulsion.

ReJoyce Douglas

ReJoyce Douglas, board vice-chair, is a 12th grader at Western International High School. ReJoyce has been a student activist with New Era Detroit and is a graduate of the We the People of Detroit social justice internship. She was a key organizer of the water testing project and DPS count day strike, representing DAYUM in the media and coordinating speakers at the Freedom School to talk about the effects of lead poisoning and strategies for lead remediation.

Ashley Johnson

Ashley Johnson, treasurer and a 9th grader at Renaissance High School, is interested in history and activism. She is passionate about the fight for clean water in Detroit Schools and helped lead the water testing project. Ashley considers herself new to activism and is excited to continue to learn how to engage others and work with a team to fight for social justice.

Tayiona White

Tayiona White is a 10th grader at Cass Tech and is the social media coordinator for DAYUM. She is most passionate about climate change and gun control. She creates all our fliers and social media posts and is looking into marketing as a career.

Megan Biernat

Meghan Biernat is a senior at Utica Academy for International Studies. She is the membership coordinator for DAYUM and is passionate about the fight for human rights and environmental conservation.
Imani Sharp, a co-founding member, is a 12th grader at Mumford High School and also graduated from the We the People of Detroit social justice internship. She has represented DAYUM at school board meetings and in the media and was threatened with expulsion for her role in the Detroit Public Schools count day strike. Imani hopes to become an environmental justice lawyer and activist and is a driven, radical leader of DAYUM.