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Create NED

Create NED Story

An independent land use vision

Create NED emerged from the work of the Restore NED coalition as a vision for how community arts and green space revitalization could contribute to the revitalization of the District as whole. Restore NED is a coalition of block clubs and neighborhood organizations, established in 2011 to lead an independent land use vision process. They began by surveying every parcel of land in District 3 and produced color coded maps of their findings. Then they organized 40 community meetings, through which residents used the maps to plan future land uses and community developments. Restore NED is working with the City of Detroit’s Planning and Development Department to integrate these plans into the new Master Plan, to be completed in 2015.

District 3

District 3 in Detroit, MI, is home to nearly 100,000 residents with a per capita income of $12,561. Despite its sizeable low-income population, District 3’s churches, community organizations, and several hundred businesses have held the social fabric of the neighborhood together for decades in the face of economic divestment and municipal neglect. Since 2011, residents have developed a grassroots survey of local land-use challenges and opportunities, building a vision for the creation and maintenance of public green spaces to fuel the District’s revitalization.