Request for proposals: New website for AMP and AMC

    Call for website redesign proposals

Thank you to everyone who participated in our website co-design sessions and surveys earlier this spring! Thanks to your input, we've put together a request for proposals (RFP) for a rebuilt, redesigned to support the breadth and depth of all things Allied Media. Our network creates incredibly vital and beautiful work. We want our refreshed site to be a container that enables this work to shine.

Next steps

Thank you, Diana!


A celebration of Diana Nucera and her work

About the LOVE Building

At the intersection of Grand River Ave. and 15th Street in Detroit’s Core City neighborhood, there is a four-story brick building covered in murals. The most prominent one, spanning the top half of the front facade, is of four hands shaping the letters L-O-V-E. For nearly 20 years, this building was a home for artists and small businesses. Through low-cost studio space, gallery space, and community, it nurtured a kind of creative love, the impact of which is visible along Grand River, and will be felt for many more decades.

A web metamorphosis is on the way

Save the date for May 10th and May 16th, both from 1pm EST to 2pm EST! We'll be hosting collaborative online sessions to gather your feedback as we prepare to revamp our website.

More on the AMC in Chrysalis Living Room Series


See how Chrysalis Creative Team members are connecting and convening their folks Thanks to everyone who tuned in to our Living Room Session livestream!