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Black Lives Matter Detroit

Donate to the Black Lives Matter Detroit

It takes more than hard work to accomplish our goals. Whether its a Soup Kitchen, Political Education Teach-In, Youth Arts Program, or Community Wellness Day, your donations go directly to serving the needs of Metro-Detroit's Black Community.


BLMDetroit is proud to partner with Feedom Freedom Growers, Wayne State University, and The James & Grace Lee Boggs Center to present The Emory Douglas Youth & Family Arts Program!
While this program might be new to many, the roots of The Emory Douglas Youth & Family Arts Program have been growing for decades. Founded in the principles of community organizing and named after the former Black Panther Party Minister of Arts & Culture, the goal of the EDYAP is to use arts instruction to activate intentional community engagement. We use art to inspire each and every participant to dream, work, and live for themselves by valuing the community as a whole and centering the rights of all. Each artist is, in their truest form, a storyteller. And, whether through visual art, music, or poetry, the EDYAP works to give the community a voice with which we can tell our own story.

Thank you for your interest in supporting BLMDetroit. All donations are processed through Allied Media Projects, a 501c3 tax deductible organization.

You can also contribute by sending a check made out to to Allied Media Projects and mail it to the following address:

Allied Media Projects
4126 Third St.
Detroit, MI 48201

Please write "BLMDetroit" in the memo line.

Thank you!