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Telling the Stories of Detroit

The Black Bottom Archives was formed by Camille Johnson and Paige Watkins in November of 2014. Launched on New Year’s Day 2015, the Archives were initially created as a Tumblr blog, and was an avenue for young, Black Detroiters to share their perspectives, creative writing, and art. The idea was for it to be a way to tell people looking for stories of Detroit that we are here, we always have been, and we see what’s going on.

The blog quickly shifted from a Tumblr stream to its own domain and the creators were constantly building it out to support more of what its readers were saying they wanted. Podcasts, a Book Club, and the Black Business Directory were formed out of needs and desires that people had for what the space could be. In the nearly two years it has existed, the Archives has continued to grow in its readership, reach, and content to amplify more voices and tell more stories.

Grounded in its purpose to build community and encourage collective responsibility, the Black Bottom Archives is a safe space curated specifically for and by Black Detroiters, with our stories and needs in mind.