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Black Bottom Archives


Black Bottom Archives (BBA) is a community-driven media platform dedicated to centering and amplifying the voices, experiences, and perspectives of Black Detroiters through digital storytelling, journalism, art, and community organizing with a focus on preserving local Black history & archiving our present.


Our mission is to cultivate the development and preservation of media created by Black Detroiters for the sake of amplifying our voices, documenting our present and historical realities, and transforming the dominant narratives about our city.


Black Bottom Archives (BBA) will be a go-to community hub that has consistent engagement on and offline with Black Detroiters (locally and across the “Detroit Diaspora”). BBA will have prominence as a radical repository for relevant and critical thought about local issues and perspectives, as well as a digital archiving/storytelling space that stores the history and present-day realities of Black Detroit.


We serve a global, intergenerational community of Black people who have experiences and ties to the city of Detroit. Grounded in our purpose to build community and encourage collective participation in the crafting of our stories and histories, Black Bottom Archives is a safe space curated specifically for and by Black Detroiters, with our stories and needs in mind.

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