AMP Blog: Jenny Lee

On Black vision and turning points

Elder Detroit activists in this Black, resilient city taught me that a crisis can be a turning point. This is a turning point – that much is clear. Many of us have never in our lives seen or been a part of such an unrelenting wave of outcry, of action, and of conversation that gets to the heart of racial justice in this country.

Reflections from the 2014 Internet Governance Forum

Last month, AMP's Executive Director, Jenny Lee, took part in a delegation of media justice activists to the Internet Governance Forum in Istanbul, Turkey. The delegation was organized by one of AMP’s long-standing supporters, the Media Democracy Fund. We are deeply appreciative of MDF for the opportunity to participate in this global conversation about the future of the Internet. Below, Jenny Lee shares her reflections from the Internet Governance Forum.

Photo of the Transformative Arts Practice Space by Ara Howrani

Our takeaways from the AMC2014 Reflections Survey

In the months since the 16th annual Allied Media Conference, we’ve spent many hours going over feedback from participants, coordinators, and volunteers provided to us through the AMC2014 Reflections Survey and other debrief conversations. This feedback from our network is one of the main tools we use when planning for the evolution of the AMC from year to year.