SPEAK: A Decade of Women of Color Media Makers Network Gathering

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Celebration and strategy renewed

What about that network of dreamers that met at the AMC in 2007 and never let each other go? This gathering is a reunion for SPEAK, a network of women of color who have created an album together, gone to battle for each other online, raised each other's children in their hearts, lit candles, sent money and kept each other alive. In this Network Gathering, we will celebrate, we will strategize about how to tell the story of our love in relationship to women of color collaborators before us and those to come. We will leave with a plan to share SPEAK as a model and to share our lessons learned. Participants will leave the gathering renewed and more empowered to support each other's current adventures and to collaborate forever.

Coordinators of this network gathering are Alexis Pauline Gumbs, Adela Nieves, LaGuana Gray, Rosa Cabrera, and Meagan Ortiz.

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