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DIY radio and video production

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Ever wanted to visit a community media shop and learn the concrete technical skills for community-driven media production? Well, now is your chance! The People’s Pop-up Media Shop will explore ways in which communities build power by increasing their voice through the combined practice of DIY radio and video production.We will learn how to amplify movements through the production of live interviews, practice audio and video “editing on a deadline”, explore the logistics behind starting and sustaining a grassroots media project, and practice building technical literacy together as a vehicle for neighborhood empowerment.Participants will leave with a sense of the value and power of community media, as well as shareable radio and video-making skills, and one or more completed media productions. Mark your conference calendar today: the People’s Pop-up Media Shop is the place to be for hands-on learning and media-making!

Coordinators of this practice space are Ayana Rubio, Aaron Lakoff, and Julie Censullo.

People's pop-up media shop

Call for Participation

Calling all radical media makers! Whether you’re recording for a podcast or the FM dial, starting a local media collective or doing the independent producer hustle: People’s Pop-Up Media Shop wants you to spearhead this year’s practice space. Let’s manifest a pop-up community media shop together and provide the AMC with an active hub for hands-on skill-building.

We are looking for engaging workshops to introduce audio/video production, best practices for community storytelling, and participatory media-based organizing. People’s Pop-Up Media Shop can also hold space to explore different models of community media governance, guerilla journalism and fundraising tactics, and re-centering media as a place of radical imagination. All in a practice space setting!

If would like to know more about facilitating a workshop in the People’s Pop-Up Media Shop Practice Space at the 2018 Allied Media Conference, please contact Julie at


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