NQTTCN @ AMC Network Gathering

Mental health as healing justice

What is the role of queer and trans mental health practitioners of color in our social justice movements? How do we create communities and movements rooted in healing justice? The National Queer & Trans Therapists of Color Network (NQTTCN) is coming together during the Allied Media Conference to explore these questions, and will use this network gathering to delve deeper into this work. We will bring together healers and movement leaders to build relationship and trust, map healing justice resources and needs for queer and trans people of color across the country, and strategize for a larger QTPoC healing justice convening in 2020. Participants will walk away with more alignment around our healing justice values and practice, deeper connections to practitioners across the country, and strategies to promote healing justice in the field of mental health and the broader movement for social justice.

Coordinators of this network gathering are Erica Woodland, Tavia Benjamin, and Bianca Blakesley.


Call for Participation

NQTTCN is a healing justice organization that works to transform mental health for queer and trans people of color. We work at the intersection of movement building and the field of mental health in order integrate healing justice into both of these spaces. This is a CLOSED network gathering for QTPoC mental health practitioners (social workers, mental health clinicians, psychotherapists, substance abuse counselors, behavioral health workers, graduate students, etc.). We will have a limited number of spaces for other QTPoC healers and movement leaders to join us. Contact Tavia Benjamin at tbenjami7@gmail.com for questions and more information.

Application required. This network gathering if for queer and trans people of color.

To apply, go to: https://goo.gl/forms/orPzr1NV3PgU6GjM2. Application opens Feb 1st.

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