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Shaping the role of Journalism within our movements

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Journalism is a part of social justice movements: it uncovers and disseminates needed information, uplifts the work of people who are making transformative change, and shapes public dialogue. This track will provide a space to explore the role of journalism in social and political movements, tackle the challenges inhibiting accuracy, integrity, and complex coverage of our communities, and mobilize to do the journalism our communities need. From policy conversations to radical visioning to hands-on skill-building, we will shape the field of movement journalism together, centering the work and voices of marginalized communities. Folks will leave with an expanded network of collaborators, new ideas, and the skills to put them into action.

Coordinators of this track are Anna Simonton, Lewis Wallace, Sarah Lu, Claudia Garcia-Rojas, Chelsea Fuller, and Jo Ellen Kaiser.

Call for Participation

Movement journalism is the practice of journalism in the service of social, political, and economic transformations that make it possible for everyone to have power over the conditions of their lives and communities. We believe movement journalism has the potential to transform relationships between social and racial justice movements and the practice of journalism. This track provides a space to explore the challenges inhibiting movement journalism, and mobilize to do the journalism our communities need. From policy conversations, to radical visioning, to hands-on skill-building, we will shape movement journalism together.

We aim to debunk the idea that journalists can’t be a part of social justice movements, while giving journalists the opportunity to connect with movement leaders. We’ll examine why journalism still matters, the difference between advocacy journalism and movement journalism, and what it looks like to repair trust between news media and marginalized communities. We’ll also create opportunities for people within social justice movements to learn the skills and principles of journalism, breaking down barriers between professional journalists and organizers while acknowledging the tensions. How can we develop movement expertise in the field of journalism while resisting white-male-dominated gatekeeping?

We want to hear from aspiring and experienced journalists, communications and media relations folks, editors, and media leaders. We’d also like to hear from non-journalists who want to help transform journalism.

We seek workshops that teach reporting skills, and support aspiring journalists from marginalized communities to enter the field. We’re also interested in workshops that explore visions and strategies for shifting power structures within journalism, and collaborative and community-driven models of journalism. We’d love reports on successful movement journalism efforts. And, we seek critical conversations about objectivity and journalistic ethics, and strategies for fact-based journalism driven by communities. We also welcome new ideas not suggested here!

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