Mobilizing Our Resources Network Gathering

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Radical resource-building, sharing, and visioning

We all have our own issues around money, and it’s time to drop our baggage. We need to be comfortable with money in order to transform how we use it.

What happens when we resolve our money issues? What does a transformative, sexy, abundant resource mobilizing culture look like, feel like, and sound like? How could changing our stories about money collectively change our movements? And most importantly: if we burnt it all down and started over again, what would we build?

We will share storytelling, case studies, and interactive discussions. We will generate ideas, swap fundraising practices, and strengthen our evolving network of resource mobilizers. Participants will walk away with new relationships, concrete strategies to transform our resource mobilization practices, and ongoing mantras to transform ourselves. Together, we will lay the groundwork for a strong network of radical resource mobilizers dedicated to building our collective power and strengthening our movements.

Coordinators of this network gathering are Crystal Middlestadt, Leah E. Olm, Wazi Maret, Tanya Mote, Mario Lugay, and Allen Kwabena Frimpong.


Call for Participation

Are you a movement leader, fundraiser, resource mobilizer, or community organizer working to move money and other resources (people, skills, land, capacity, etc) to the frontlines of struggles for justice and equity? Have your efforts been impacted by self-doubt, guilt, or embarrassment; feelings that intensify at the thought of asking for what you and your communities need? Are you looking for a community of support to help reclaim your sense of power and abundance, while you inspire others to do the same?

The Mobilizing Our Resources network gathering invites collaboration across movements with a focus on the shared needs we have to resource our work and our communities. Centering the experiences of working class and people of color, participants will network with peers, share stories and experiences of personal development and innovation in fundraising, and explore working grassroots models that are redefining economic power and influence.

Together, we will imagine more just and accessible alternatives to current practices of fundraising for social justice movement-building. Our exploration will emphasize strategies and initiatives that reflect reparations and resource mobilization values. By reparations, we mean initiatives like financial compensation and legal reform for communities that have been harmed. Resource mobilization describes our ability to organize people and resources for movement wins.

We are especially looking for participants who are eager to collaborate beyond the AMC and who already have some level of experience with fundraising, resource mobilization, and/or development of alternative economic models for social justice movements.

We encourage participants to strategize and continue the conversation by submitting sessions and mealtime meet ups in conjunction with the Resourcing & Sustaining Our Movements track at the AMC.

This network gathering is limited to 60 participants. For more information and to register, e-mail or fill out our registration form here.

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