Indigenous Rising: Media as Resistance Track

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Honoring the transformative potential of Indigenous storytelling

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Indigenous storytelling is on the rise. From across Indian Country and the Indigenous world, there is an intentional deconstruction and rejection taking place of colonial and tokenized systems long-used to define ancestral legacies of First Peoples. In the most modern way, artists, writers, podcasters, filmmakers, and others are resisting this pattern of erasure with bottom-up narratives that are as much about resiliency as they are an embrace of deep generational traumas left unhealed. That this emergence is happening in the face of great calamity -- politically, environmentally, spiritually, and physically -- reinforces the value of the "original instructions", or traditional knowledge systems, that have foundationally framed Indigenous Peoples as ultimate survivors. Panels and sessions in this media track, then, will explore the types of tools, resources, and meaningful backdrops that are being utilized to feed the Indigenous Rising: Media as Resistance movement.

The organizers of this track are Jenni Monet and Jade Begay.

Call for Participation

We are inviting session proposals led by people of Indigenous descent. We are seeking workshops, skill-sharing sessions, and insightful panel discussions that explore various experiences of Indigenous resilience including the emotional, traumatic, physical, economic, spiritual, and creative. The aim is to make each session an opportunity to connect, heal and build new and impactful projects and relationships, all while upholding and advancing the virtues of the Indigenous narrative. We see all of these outcomes as necessary for imagining Indigenous resilience, today and for the next seven generations.

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