Fat Lovin' Media Futures Network Gathering

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Deconstructing fat stigma at its intersections

How do we unlearn mainstream ideas of what a body should look like and (re)-learn to celebrate the diversity, resilience, wisdom and beauty of all bodies? This track will explore these questions and create spaces to challenge the ongoing ways mainstream media shames and harms abundant bodies, to name fatphobia in our organizing and activism, and to create media and practical strategies for resistance, healing and community building. We will broaden the conversation around fat activism by centering this track on the voices of Indigenous, Black, people of color, dis/abled, super-sized, trans and queer fat folks. Abundant/thick/fat bodies are the target of so much hate, policing and negativity, even in our organizing communities. Through workshops, panels, and skillshares we will transform mainstream ideas around abundant bodies and create resilient communities, media, and art centered around abundant bodies!

Coordinators of this network gathering are Linda Dianne, Amanda Levitt, KC Slack, Jose Sagastume, and Kytara Epps.

Call for Participation

Calling All Abundant, Fat, Plus Sized, Succulent, and Thick Peoples From All Over!

This year at the Allied Media Conference we are coming back together as a Network gathering to continue our conversations and expand on the work we’ve done in previous years. How can we work together to deconstruct fat stigma and other forms of marginalization while building a stronger and more inclusive fat community? How can we challenge ourselves to decenter whiteness, capitalism, ableism, cissexism, heterosexism, and classism while we explore what it means to be fat? We will explore these questions and create media and practical strategies for resistance, healing and community building.

We are looking for a variety of session proposals that may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Fat community 101 
  • How to love your body
  • Ally building for thin folks and privileged fat folks
  • Body autonomy and social media
  • Anti-racist fat activism
  • Skillshares and tools for surviving and thriving
  • Bodies, health, and movement 
  • Breaking down connections between health and weight
  • Body movement / dance / practice for all bodies
  • Fat sexuality
  • Super-sized community members
  • Fatness at its intersections 
  • Fatness and femme identity
  • Fatness and masculinity
  • Sci-fi bodies as fat, queer and people of color
  • Dis/ability and fatness
  • History of indigenous / people of color / Black / trans / dis/ability / supersize fat activism
  • Tools for young fat folks
  • Breaking down discussions about fatness through race, class, gender and other identities

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