Facilitation for Liberation Network Gathering

Building collective capacity for intensive facilitation

This moment of political upheaval and climate crisis requires that we build collective capacity to hold space for creating new futures. The Facilitation for Liberation Network Gathering will build upon years of facilitation skill-building at the AMC, exploring how facilitation rooted in anti-oppression principles and practice can build pathways to liberation. During the gathering, we will explore the skills we facilitators need to co-create in order to support movement building in this political landscape. We will practice facilitation for collective self-governance and conflict resolution, and examine strategies for integrating healing and trauma-informed practices into facilitation. Participants will bring resources and insights to deepen each other's work, will create shared commitments to facilitation for liberation, and will leave the gathering connected to facilitators from across North America working towards collective transformation. . Attendance at this Network Gathering is by invitation only.

Coordinators of this network gathering are Autumn Brown, Maryse Mitchell-Brody, and Manju Rajendran.

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Call for Participation

Feeling called to deepen and hone your facilitation skills in community as we move towards liberation? Us too. Join a broad cross-section of facilitators from our movements for racial, gender, economic, environmental, disability, LGBTQI+ and healing justice, as we examine how to hold space for creating new futures!

During the gathering, we will be building on the wealth of wisdom and experience in Detroit, and the community of practice that is the AMC, while also inviting in AMC first-timers who are engaged in powerful movement work. This Network Gathering is not a facilitation training or 101 space - we're convening folks who have been facilitating intensively for some time, both those who facilitate professionally and are embedded in organizations, as well as those who have strong individual facilitation practices rooted in specific communities or lineages.

Attendance at the Facilitation for Liberation Network Gathering will be by invitation only to ensure balanced participation from movement facilitators with an eye towards various skills, identities, and experiences. We will come together, standing in our collective power with humility and curiosity, and figure out how, in this political moment, to be more ready than we’ve been, to support our communities towards liberation.

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