Detroit Housing Justice Network Gathering

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Building critical connections for Housing Justice in Detroit

At a critical moment in Detroit’s evolution as the nation’s largest majority Black city, the Detroit Housing Justice Network Gathering seeks to build cohesion and capacity among organizers and activists. Against the backdrop of one of the most segregated metropolitan regions in the nation, the network gathering will offer a space for critical dialogue and analysis, along with the voices of those most impacted. Discussions will center around the history of race and class struggles in Detroit’s housing landscape and how those patterns are repeating themselves in today’s hyper and privatized development activities.

Goals of this Network Gathering include:

  • Centering Race, Class, Intersectionality of Housing Justice Issues (ex: water shut-offs, transit, etc)
  • Centering the history of Race and Class in Housing Justice struggles in Detroit
  • Centering the work being done on Housing Justice issues led by long-time Detroit Residents
  • Exploring Detroit as Contested Space- Trends of Inequitable Development and Racial Injustice in Revitalization Efforts that Threaten Neighborhood Survival.
  • Sharing Best Practices and strategies: Walking through a model Comprehensive Housing Plan

Detroit activists and organizations have been fighting to preserve and protect homes for current low-income and longtime Detroiters by addressing the decreasing supply of public housing and housing subsidies by increasing the supply of decent, healthy, accessible and affordable homes and apartment units for Detroiters with incomes less than $25,000 annually. This Network Gathering will encourage the sharing of strategies that inform resistance to the displacement of long-time and low-income residents, housing alternatives that challenge traditional notions of land control and home ownership and model policies that intervene in the displacement trends that currently accompany economic development and revitalization plans encouraged by the city. Participants will also draw connections between the mission of various organizations and grassroots-led movement work that highlight the intersectionality of housing justice work in Detroit.

Coordinators of this network gathering are Amina Kirk, Tristan Taylor, Tewonia Edwards, Akua Hill, Julie Pedtke, and Jordan Millwood.

Call for Participation

Individuals and organizations with experience in Detroit housing justice work are invited to participate in a day-long network gathering at the Allied Media Conference. Part critical racial analysis, part strategy session, the gathering is meant to center longstanding organizations led by people of color in Detroit’s housing justice movement, and foster clarity and collaboration. It is our hope to convene the voices of both organizers and residents and build a network of support, advocacy, and amplification with those most impacted by poverty and displacement; seniors, youth, and Detroiters with low incomes.

The day may include (re)introductions, identifying shared values, a panel discussion, and a deep dive analysis and constructive self-critique of potential improvements to Detroit’s housing justice advocacy movement, as well as a skill-share session. One potential output could be a draft of community-accountable principles for action that can hold us in solidarity with one another and common values, as well tools for approaching continued collaboration. Support with cost of registration for the Allied Media Conference is available and lunch will be provided.

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