Cultivating Independent Mission-Driven MediaMakers Network Gathering

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Catalyzing fresh perspectives into public media and beyond

The Association of Independents in Radio (AIR) Network Gathering will connect, build dialogue, and incite independent changemakers to utilize media as a tool to create stories for and by the people. For a decade, AIR's New Voice Scholars and Localore producers have harnessed their voices and passion to bring fresh perspectives into public media and beyond. Invited producers and partners from the AIR network will provide models and actionable techniques for cultivating mission-driven media, community storytelling, and forwarding diversity in media through showcases, workshops, and networking.

Coordinators of this network gathering are Tran Vu, An Uong, Ava Fields.

Call for Participation

Come learn more about AIR on our website: At this time, our network gathering is for AIR members and invited producers only. Please do reach out to us during AMC if you have any questions and we will have more programming available!

For info on AIR and/or how you can become a member, please contact Tran Vu, Program Director, at

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