Bodies in Resistance Network Gathering

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A transfeminist technology disruption

Our fight for transfeminist spaces and platforms are a continuum of our struggles in the physical and digital territories that we inhabit as Black, Brown, Indigenous ppl and communities from the diaspora. We are bodies in resistance. In this network gathering, we'll explore strategies to disrupt capitalism and technologies shaped by privatisation, profit, patriarchy, and heteronormativity. What would a transfeminist internet, cooperative economy, and infrastructures built from the pleasure and joy of liberated bodies and collective care look like? Come plot with us and practice hackfeminist self-defense to short circuit oppressive systems.

It will be a day of shared play, experimentation, and wisdom. This bilingual Spanish and English space is for womyn and gender nonconforming POC and their allies.

Coordinators of this network gathering are Ana Martina, Nasma Ahmed, Lili_Anaz, and Erika Smith.


Call for Participation

Do you want to join us?
If you are interested in attending this Network Gathering, please email us at

Are you passionate about social justice, community work and technology?

Are you non-conforming/queer/trans*/activist/feminist and concerned that spaces for creativity, pleasure and dissent are shrinking?

Do you ever wonder how we can stay strong and safe in spite of online gender-based violence, racism, censorship, surveillance and economic exclusion?

Are you looking for ways on how to resist the oppressive capitalist model imposed by the gig economy that denies basic labor rights? Then this network gathering is for you!

We are people who are part of different communities and struggles in the Américas (South, Center, and North), passionate about the intersections of art, feminism, hacktivism, resistance, technologies and movement building. We want to provoke deep interconnections between bodies across digital and physical spaces in our terms.

Come co-create free territories with transfeminist technologies!

  • Explore alternative models of production, labor, and ownership through cooperativism
  • Connect internet infrastructure to our realities
  • Practice hackfeminist self-defense and collective care
  • Experiment with free platforms, free networks, and more secure tools

Together we will re-imagine and exchange practices to create a transfeminist internet as an extension of the territories that we inhabit, built from the pleasure and joy of liberated bodies and collective care.


Cuerpos en resistencia: tecnologías transfeministas disruptivas

Nuestra pelea por espacios y plataformas transfeministas son un contínuo en nuestras luchas en territorios físicos y digitales que habitamos como personas de color, indígenas y comunidades de la diáspora. Somos cuerpos en resistencia. En este network gathering, vamos a explorar estrategias para disrumpir al capitalismo y a las tecnologías conformadas por la privatización, el lucro, el patriarcado y la heteronormatividad.


¡Regístrate ya!

¿Cómo sería un Internet transfeminista, una economía cooperativista e
infraestructuras construidas por el placer y el gozo desde los cuerpos
libres y los cuidados colectivos?

Lxs invitamos a conspirar con nosotrxs desde la autodefensa
hackfeminista para hacer corto ciruito a los sistemas opresivos! (;

Será un día entero para compartir, jugar, experimentar y construir
conocimiento colectivo. Este es un espacio seguro, bilingüe para mujeres
y personas de género no conforme, (no) binarias y sus aliadxs.

Este encuentro se lleva acabo en Detroit el 14 de junio del 2018, justo
antes de la 20 edición de la Allied Media Conference el 14-17 de junio.


Lili_Anaz | Laboratorio de Interconectividades | Autodefensas Hackfeministas | Tw: @Lili_Anaz
Érika Smith | APC - Take Back The Tech!,,,
Ana Martina | Radicante | Tw: @radiosonidera
Nasma Ahmed | | Tw: @nasma_ahmed

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