Magic as Resistance Track

Brujx Feminism, Afrofuturism, and Magical Realism

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For Queer & Trans People of Color (QTPOC), there is an age-old connection between our resistance, our wellness, and our magic. The Magic as Resistance Track will explore brujx feminism, afrofuturism, and magical realism as tools for community empowerment. Workshops will include practices for healing our communities and ourselves, creative exercises to expand the radical imagination, and participant-driven performances to honor our movement ancestors and transcestors. Participants will walk away with skills to develop their own rituals for magic as mental wellness and movement building. All QTPOC and our allies/accomplices are welcome.

Coordinators of this track are Ligaiya Romero, Diana Diroy, and Sophia Nahli Allison.

Call for Participation

Calling all witchy QTPOC, our allies, and accomplices! Calling all brujxs, babaylan, herbalists, healers, oracles, astrologists, and ancestors-in-training! We invite you to conjure the magical powers ingrained within our spirits, drawing upon the beliefs and practices of brujx feminism, afrofuturism, and magical realism. We invite you to share ancient and new wisdom, to teach and develop magical practices as strategic tools to strengthen our movements. We are looking for content in the form of skill-shares, workshops, rituals, fiction-writing, zine-making, spell-casting, healing practices, and other ways folks can engage with magic as resistance, wellness, and movement building.

Email: Ligaiya Romero,


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