Feeding Emergent Resistance Movements, Envisioning Nourishing Traditions

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Food is a medium through which we share knowledge and connect across time and space.

Many communities are cultivating new frameworks and tools to reclaim and share traditional foodways as an essential strategy for decolonizing and sustaining our cultures, bodies, lands and water.

This track will explore how cooking & eating can be collaborative processes: between humans & nature, between generations, between farm workers & cooks. Food is directly connected to & impacted by the global capitalist systems & is essential to developing visionary alternatives.

We intend to amplify the powerful ways in which people all over the world are using food in creative and collective ways to remake and transform our food system while healing one another and our natural world.

We will create our own food media, learn from each other how to make food that not only supports & sustains us as individuals but as movements, make transparent how food systems work, develop understanding of how colonial powers destroy/exploit food systems as well as the role of cuisine & food production in resistance & self-determination.

Coordinators of this track are Kate McCabe, Munira Lokhandwala , Kimberly Chou, Max Sussman, Shane Bernardo, Ora Wise, and Tara Rodriguez Besosa.

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Call for Participation

Calling all people who make, serve, grow and gather food as well as those hungry for learning and change in our current food systems. Now more than ever, many communities are focused on reclaiming traditional food ways as an essential strategy for decolonizing and sustaining our cultures, our physical health, and the health of the lands and waters we live on. The ways we create & consume food are inextricably linked to the systems that impact our lives and the ways we produce and consume food can contribute to the transformation of these systems.

Through hands-on workshops (for people of all ages), field trips, roundtable discussions, media-making, cooking, sharing recipes and meals, we will explore our personal and collective food stories. We’ll come together to explore the social, cultural, economic and ecological dimensions of food practices and ask questions such as: How have histories of colonialism impacted our food practices? How is food being used to heal, connect, transform and preserve our cultures and communities? What role can food play in local and international solidarity movements? Where does our food come from and what is the true cost of its production? How have systems of oppression such as capitalism and white supremacy warped our understandings and practices around food? How do we build food justice movements that recognize the complexity of our different ance-stories of food; from cooking and eating to ceremony and resistance?

This year, we are planning for an all-day Dream Café, a convivial gathering place where the AMC community can come together with Detroiters to engage with art, music, food, and storytelling in an experimental restaurant space reflective of the principles of our movements. FERMENT is excited to highlight pop-up chef collaborations in the kitchen from projects like Brooklyn-based Kit & Kin, serving traditional and inspired Caribbean fare; the I-Collective, a network of Indigenous chefs, activists, herbalists, seed and knowledge keepers; and Detroit-based FoodLab. Got an idea for our food hub, want to distribute info, or host a gathering? Let’s hear it!

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