What Feeds Us? Network Gathering

Stories and recipes in QTBIPOC diasporas

We believe that the act of preparing and sharing food is a critical part of building families and communities. This network gathering will bring together queer and transgender Black, Indigenous, and people of color (QTBIPOC) interested in connecting over cultural memory, shared food experiences, and community-based meals. We will share snacks, stories, and memories, as well as collectively prepare a meal. We hope to spark discussions about the intersections of food justice and access, QTBIPOC identities, our cultural experiences, healing practices, racial justice, and disability justice. Throughout the day we will individually and collectively record our stories, reflections, and recipes in order to compile a zine. This is an open network gathering. To attend please submit an application.

Coordinators of this network gathering are Audrey Kuo, kumari giles, and Jeffer Giang.

what feeds us

Call for Participation

What feeds us? Join our network gathering of queer and transgender Black, Indigenous and people of color as we navigate our relationships to and memories of food, within our biological and chosen families and in our various diasporas.

While food has historically been a medium of colonial oppression and erasure, food can also open up possibilities of cultural resistance, creating space for diasporic QTBIPOC to reclaim and reframe recipes and food preparation. Collective food making and culinary arts are at their core, media-based organizing, where food growers and makers are continuously in a process of deep listening, strategizing and fusing ideas like ingredients into cohesive meals!

We plan to engage in the various ways our relationships with food, food preparation, and shared meals serve as organizing tactics that sustain our communities and movements, whether we are studying cultural recipes to explore our identities; sharing skills like cooking on a budget and stretching meals, foraging, gardening, or preparing meals with low spoons; creating meals and spice blends as medicine; or building chosen families through collective meals.

We invite you to come chat, share snacks, and break (gluten-full and gluten-free) bread with us!

Participants in the network gathering will:

  • Participate in a “bring what you can” snack potluck to collectively provide snacks for one another during the AMC
  • Connect one-on-one and in small groups
  • Discuss strategies for food sovereignty and collective meals
  • Collectively prepare and have dinner together
  • Create a zine inspired by our conversations and personal narratives

This network gathering is open but we ask that you submit an application to participate.

Email us with questions at whatfeedsus@gmail.com

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