Trans*Visible Network Gathering

Increasing the visibility of Transgender/GNC/Non-Binary trainers

How would the vision of justice be served by having more Transgender/GNC/Non-Binary workshop facilitators? Trans*Visible aims to increase visibility of Transgender/GNC/Non-Binary trainers offering political education, gender justice, and queer liberation trainings within social justice, education, media, arts, and social services. Through this visibility, Trans*Visible centers trans and nonbinary folks in social justice movements as critical to liberation.

Part networking event, skillshare, and strategy session, this space will introduce Transgender/GNC/Non-binary facilitators to technology, art, healing justice, and process-based modules that can be easily integrated into their trainings and workshops. Participants will connect with other Transgender/GNC/Non-Binary folx, co-create the Trans*Visible web-based platform, and participate in dialogue to unpack the ways Binarism impacts our movement spaces and organizing strategies. Trans*Visible prioritizes people of color for participation.

Trans*Visible will be an intimate gathering of 30 Transgender/GNC/Non-Binary Trainers and Facilitators. Apply to participate by March 25, 2017.


Coordinators of this network gathering are Eb. Brown, Hil Tackie, and Kieran Alessi.

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