AMP Sponsored Projects Network Gathering

A growing network of art, media and technology projects

The Allied Media Projects Sponsored Projects program has grown to nearly seventy media, art, and technology projects located in Detroit and nationally. At AMC2017 we will bring the network of sponsored projects together to explore and share skills that will help AMP’s sponsored projects in realizing their missions. We will provide space for the projects to learn more about each other and identify possible ways they might collaborate. Participants will walk away with a greater understanding of the people and projects that make up the Sponsored Projects program, skills and tools to support their projects, and a greater sense of community amongst the projects. This network gathering is for AMP sponsored projects. If you are a sponsored project, email to learn how to register. Learn more about AMP’s sponsored projects program here.

Coordinators of this network gathering are Toni Moceri, Nandi Comer, and Sophia Softky.

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