Sound, Revolution and ARTivism Track

Music as a powerful tool of resistance

Music is a symbol of freedom, identity and a powerful tool of resistance. Through sessions, presentations, and performances, this track will explore music and its role within social movements and organizing. We will investigate how oppressive systems rooted in colonization continue to marginalize those who perform politicized music in an attempt to erase the songs and messages they carry. We will also look at how other forms of media production are used with music to strengthen its impact. Participants will identify practices that demonstrate how music can be a vehicle for political imagination, the gathering of historical memory, and the amplification of critical messages within our movements.

Coordinators of this track are Krusheska Quiros, Estephania Solis, David Hawkins, and Paola Quiros.

Sound, Revolution and ARTivism Track

Call for Participation

Calling all multi-disciplinary artists, activists, academics, musicians, historians, archivists, students, community organizers and researchers! If you are interested in the power of sound and the role of music as a driving force within social movements, we invite you to submit sessions, hands-on workshops, and/or performances for the Sound, Revolution and ARTivism Track at AMC2017!

We are looking for proposals that address questions such as…

  • What is so powerful about music that oppressive systems - cultural, social and political - rooted in colonization, see a need to continue the suppression, censorship, and murder of those who perform politicized music, in an attempt to erase the songs and messages they carry?
  • How has music been part of social movements around the world within a historical and political context?
  • In what ways does music challenge oppressive systems resulting in direct action and empowerment?
  • How have some rhythms been appropriated by colonizers and their roots almost erased?
  • How are ARTivists (artists/activists) and community members using music as a tool for social change and healing in their communities?
  • What is the sound of social movements, demonstrations, and community organizing?
  • What are ways new technologies and media can join forces with music in order to amplify their message?
  • How can music be used as a healing force and a common ground that joins us, as well as a vehicle for collective growth?
  • Can music be used to resolve conflict and bring out positive solutions?
  • If you were to put together a socially conscious music playlist for a social movement, how would your set sound? What songs would it include?

If you have further questions or would like to discuss session ideas with our coordinating team, please contact us at

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