Securing Our Spaces Track

Digital and physical security in our communities

Physical and digital security are more crucial now than ever. Safety comes in many forms, from how to safely organize and protest, to how to safely use the technologies that support our movements. Today's technology allows activists to find resources, connect with each other, and broadcast their stories; it also makes it easier to surveil and intimidate. This track will explore how we can better do the work we do in safe and protected ways, and how to support each other in this task. We will explore the long histories of surveillance in our communities. We will practice methods and tools for securing our spaces both online and offline.

Coordinators of this track are Nat Meysenburg, Matt Mitchell, Leigh Honeywell, and Alfredo Lopez.

Call for Participation

The Securing Our Spaces Track is calling for proposals from organizers, technologists, trainers, activists, and anyone else with experience helping folks stay safe and secure.

We want to create a space that fosters a culture of protecting ourselves.

Given the importance of digital technologies across activism, this track will have a natural focus on digital security. However, we are seeking a broad mix of proposals that approach safety and security both online and offline.

Some ideas include, but are not limited to:

  • A workshop on why digital security matters for all communities
  • A panel on the long history of surveillance in communities of color and radical movements (COINTELPRO)
  • Participatory workshops in threat modeling for activist projects
  • Strategy sessions on how to handle trolling, and other forms of online harassment and intimidation
  • Hands-on skillshares and training on specific security tools (Signal, PGP, etc.)
  • Strategy sessions on how to support allies as they become targets
  • A visioning workshop on creating open, welcoming spaces that don't create accidental surveillance

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