Resourcing and Sustaining Our Movements Track

Collaboration, solidarity and abundance

How can we fund, resource and sustain our work and movements in ways that energize us, strengthen our organizing, and build community? The Resourcing and Sustaining our Movements Track will investigate and examine grassroots fundraising how-tos, self and community care strategies, alternative economic models (i.e. co-ops, gift economies, etc.), grassroots entrepreneurship and the role of media, art and technology in supporting it all. Through participatory workshops, one-on-one consulting, skill shares, and peer networking spaces, we will explore how to grow the resources we need for our movements and communities to thrive. This track will offer helpful strategies, whether you are starting a collective or small business, working as an independent artist, running a non-profit or working outside of traditional non-profit structures. We will walk away with new fundraising ideas, relationships, and the spirit of collaboration, solidarity, and abundance.

Coordinators of this track are Crystal Middlestadt, Jax Gil, Sophia Softky, Tanya Mote, and Joy Messinger.

resourcing and sustaining movements

Call for Participation

Are you an artist, entrepreneur, or collective with tips and tools for resourcing your work? Do you have creative ways of generating income and resources for social justice to share with others?

We are looking for hands-on workshops, strategy sessions, and meet-ups that:

  • Share stories, skills, and best practices on grassroots fundraising, resourcing and sustaining cultural and artistic work, giving circles, self and community care, social media strategies, and more.
  • Provide tools and hands-on exploration of developing business plans for artists and entrepreneurs, data mapping for grassroots fundraising, crafting your funding plan, “pitch” or brand.
  • Explore and highlight fundraising as a tool for movement building, legacies of giving in communities of color, closing the wealth divide, cooperative and local economic models, ways to address challenges fundraisers face.
  • Challenge capitalism and traditional models for funding and resourcing our work
  • Expand our understanding of how to generate and move non-monetary resources to organizations, movements and individuals.

If resourcing and sustainability resonate with you, we want to hear about the work you are doing.

We are especially looking for proposals that:

  • Make complex ideas accessible and exciting
  • Share hands-on, creative skills
  • Value the expertise of people most impacted by a given problem
  • Use clear language that welcomes people from any background or experience level
  • Result in tangible resources and strategies
  • Explore solutions that span the internal, interpersonal, and systemic dimensions of the problems we face

You may e-mail comments or questions to the organizers at

Sessions must be accessible to all bodies, genders, and ages by creating a space that is inclusive and welcoming, inspired by the AMP Network principles.

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