Radical Kitchen Practice Space

Creating a collective memory through food

We believe cooking is a powerful, cultural technology that draws on what Audre Lorde calls, “our deepest and nonrational knowledge.” The Radical Kitchen Practice Space will be a community kitchen at the AMC that sources ingredients from Detroit farmers and food justice workers. We will remix ancestral recipes, hold space for food memories and story-circles, and host DIY cooking classes. This will be a space for connections between food work from different cities and for cross-cultural exchange. We will create a collective memory through food, where participants walk away with a sense of community through sharing kitchen space. Our goal is authentic relationship building and nourishment of our movements.

Coordinators of this practice space are Sumi Dutta, Noel Didla, and Aina Gonzalez.

Art as Resistance Track

Call for Participation

Calling all community cooks, farmers, cultural workers, herbalistas, culinary artists, medicine makers, underground caterers, and potluck enthusiasts! We invite you to propose hands-on workshops, skillshares, and/or meet-ups for specific groups (Black, QTPOC, immigrant, refugee, disabled folks) which engage multiple senses and allow participants to practice their own cultural culinary skills in community.

Cooking and sharing cultural foods is a way of waging truth and love. Share how you are creating community, practicing resilience, and producing culture through your home or collaborative kitchen space. We want to uplift these voices at the AMC with the hope that we continue to build and sustain life-giving and restorative movement spaces.

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