RAD Care Beyond Social Justice Network Gathering

Envisioning new ideas of accessibility and wellness

The RAD (Radical, Accessible & Decolonizing) Care Beyond Social Justice Network Gathering will center marginalized people who don’t usually see themselves represented in movement building. We will gather and share collective knowledge and teach one another how to truly be accomplices in the struggle for equity, freedom and rights. We will collectively envision new ideas of accessibility and wellness through self-determination and mutual care. We will practice challenging ableism, surviving trauma, internalizing self-care, and working at the roots of oppression through equitable, mutual community care. We will explore how communal and ancestral knowledge inform an anti-colonial and anti-capitalist approach to wellness. Active participation in the network gathering will include indigenous rite practice, dialogue about community care and envisioning of “Rad Care” beyond the AMC. This is an open network gathering, but we ask that participants submit an application here.

Coordinators of this network gathering are Smitty Buckler, Pita Venegas, Sola Love, Edgar Frias, rafael/a luna-pizano and Addis Aliyu.

resourcing and sustaining movements

Call for Participation

We seek to create a space where individuals who have intersecting identities can come together and form networks of support at the AMC and beyond. We are looking for individuals who hold more than one identity, for example: queer, trans, people of color, indigenous, mixed race, HIV+, disabled, drug users, sex workers, and/or survivors. We are asking interested participants to submit an application so we can prioritize those who are most in need of space and also so we can actively incorporate your access needs.

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