Healing Justice Track

Centering and demystifying healing

The Healing Justice Track is a Detroit-led collaborative space where attendees can come together in conversation, creative visioning, and on-the-ground organizing to build and share practices towards deepening community resilience. The space will revolve around centering and demystifying healing – being mindful of how healing happens as much in the care of one another, as it does in the capacity of our own remembering, hearts, and hands. Sessions will emphasize restorative ways of caring for oneself, family, friends, community, and the earth. This could include group ear acupuncture paired with Reiki, guided mindful movement and meditation, people land connections, magic, personal and collective accountability, and roundtable conversations. Our goal is to activate and uplift the knowledge, wisdom and experience of healing in the room, in all the ways it does and can exist.

Coordinators of this track are Sarah Sidelko, Violeta Donawa, and Rhiannon Chester.

Call for Participation

We invite folks to submit session proposals of work you have in progress, as well as healing dreams you want to make a reality at the AMC. We're prioritizing the following types of proposals: conversation combined with hands-on/guided practices, strategies, and ideas critical to community care, especially within this political climate.

If you have questions, please contact Sarah Sidelko at bikesinspace@gmail.com

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